Department of Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems

Research in the Department of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems focuses on the development and application of methods of analysis and modelling of real-world complex systems.

Our Research Area

Current science reflects increased interest in characterization of systems with irregular, complex structure and dynamics, requiring the development and application of new methods from areas such as nonlinear dynamics, chaos theory, graph theory as well as advanced machince learning. Our department deals mainly with the following topics:

  • nonlinear system synchronization
  • information-theoretical functionals and measuring interaction of dynamical systems
  • modelling nonlinear dynamics, particularly interactions in nonlinear oscillator networks
  • exploratory data analysis
  • data mining based on machine-learning methods


The department organises an irregular seminar with both local and international speakers. Martin Holeňa also organizes a specialized Machine Learning and Modelling Seminar


The theoretical reasearch in the department is closely related to research in a range of basic aas well as applied research in diverse science fields, in particular:

  • neuroscience (neuroimaging, electrophysiology)
  • climatology
  • chemical dynamics
  • computer security



Department members

Secretarial support