About the event

The Institute of Computer Science organizes a formal meeting of PhD students, which is also open to PhD students from other institutes, supervisors and senior researchers. This event is organized by students themselves and it is a unique opportunity to interact with other students. Links for previous years: 1996-2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

The purpose of the Doctoral Days is to allow our PhD students to present their research in a form of a short talk and give an opportunity to meet other students and make contacts. The time range of talks will be specified according to the number of participants. Besides students' presentations, you can traditionally enjoy the lectures of various fields and other activities.

More information will be posted over time, so please keep track of this website.


Institute of Computer Science covers the conference fee to all its employees and moreover to all PhD students with a supervisor employed in the ICS.


This year, the Doctoral days will take place in Kolín in the hotel Theresia, 16th - 18th April 2019. Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be provided including coffee-breaks. Rooms are for 2-3 persons - in the registration form, you can specify your preferred roommate.


Transport information will be posted later.


Besides students' talk, you can traditionally enjoy the lectures from various fields:

Currently, we are planning excursion to the TPCA Czech, Ltd. factory and train trip, narrow-gauge railway. Excursions are covered by The Institute of Computer Science. We also plan bowling evening, which will be paid by the participants. In the registration form, please let us know your preliminary interest. The cost of activities will depend on the number of participants.


Each PhD student is supposed to give a talk to present his/her research to the others. The audience is diverse in scientific interests, so the main stress should be put on motivation and introduction into the problem. A projector and a flipchart will be provided. Communication language can be Czech, Slovak or English. In case you do not understand Czech, please let us know.


In the registration form, please specify your intended contribution title. The title can be specified at the end of March within an abstract submittion. At that time, we will also kindly ask you to fill a small questionaire about yourself.

Deadline for registration is 17th March.

Name and surname:
Contribution title:
(only for PhD students)
Dietary restrictions:
Preferred roommate:
I am interested in:
TPCA Czech, Ltd. factory tour:    Yes   No 
 train ride:  Yes   No 
 bowling:  Yes   No 
Transport by:  Train   Car   Other 
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