The Institute research potential can be roughly classified into two categories:

  • The fundamental research in computer science is focused on three related areas: theoretical computer science, machine learning, and computational mathematics. The aim is to perform a high-quality frontier research contributing to the advancement of recent developments in these fields and to participate in identifying new trends and directions for basic research.
  • the interdisciplinary scientific collaboration may be characterized as a research in data science. It primarily focuses on the field of complex systems and statistical modelling. Applications based on the current state-of-the art in mathematical statistics and data analytics are sought mainly in health, environment, energy and social sciences.

Research Groups

Selected Research Projects

  • SemWeb - Intelligent Models, Algorithms, Methods and Tools for the Semantic Web Realisation

    Examination and development of theoretical backgrounds of the semantic web, mainly from the point of view of modern AI methods and methods of computing by nature

  • IMAPA - Iterative Methods in Computational Mathematics: Analysis, Preconditioning, and Applications

    focused on Krylov subspace methods, open questions related to their convergence, associated matrix approximation problems, error estimation and stopping criteria.

  • Krylov - Theory of Krylov subspace methods and its relationship to other mathematical disciplines

    sensitivity of the Gauss-Christoffel quadrature and its relationship to the CG and Lanczos methods, extension of the core problem theory to multidimensional case, numerical stability and stopping criteria in iterative solvers, convergence behaviour in relation to various properties of the problem and open questions in the mathematical theory of optimal short term recurrences.

  • BrainSynch

    Large scale interactions in brain networks and their breakdown in brain diseases.

  • SoSIReČR

    Sociální síť informatiků v regionech ČR.


    Weather and air pollution forecasts.


    Brain, Respiration And Cardiac Causalities In Anaesthesia.


    Energy consumption modelling and forecasting.

  • GUHA

    A method of data mining.

  • UFO

    UFO is an interactive system for universal functional optimization that serves for solving both dense medium-size and sparse large-scale optimization problems.

  • Bolzano

    Digitalizace Bolzanových spisů.

  • NNSU

    Separation algorithm of a neural network with switching units.